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Information for Working in the Concession Stand

The date(s) assigned to your team for concession stand duty will be posted on the website calender, your team is to work  from 5:30pm-9 each night.  We understand the majority of the parents work but please get there as close to 5:30pm as possible not 6 or pm7pm. If you are going to be that late you need to have someone working for you until you get there. You need 5 people each night.  Anyone aged 16 and older can work in your place, but we can only allow 2 teenagers a night since they are not allowed to cook.  You must be 18 or older to work the fryers and the grill. Please also have someone who doesn't mind working the fryers for each night of duty. Please make sure whoever you have work concession duty for you is responsible, dependable, knows they are coming to work and can count money.   Last year, the going rate was $40 cash to cover a shift.   Please remind the parents that if they do not show up, or have someone work in their place, then they will be fined $100 cash and their child will sit until the fine is paid. The entire team could also have to forfeit a game. This will be strictly enforced

During your team's assigned nights to work in the concession stand Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri they MUST clean the bathrooms on both sides of the park. They also need to replace the paper products, refill soap if needed, and take out the trash.  On Tuesday and Friday's trash cans MUST be emptied into the dumpster.  The trash cans are heavy and have to be lifted up to be dumped, please plan ahead to have extra help available.The trash cans must be returned to the fields. There must be 2 trash cans at each field and the concession stand. You need to have people beside your concession workers to do the trash preferably men. If the trash is not emptied on your assigned night your team will have to return the next day and empty it into the dumpster. And your team could possibly have to forfeit a game if not done

The concession stand coordinator will go over the duties and help you get started.  Please come ready to work on these nights.  You will need to turn in your list of scheduled workers, with their phone numbers at least 2 weeks ahead of your assigned duty time. 

Having a game does not exempt your team from their duty. Your game could be cancelled that night if you do have your 5 workers in the concession stand.  You can always try to switch a concession day with another team. It is your responsibility to make sure you have it covered on your assigned day(s).  Please make sure you have your shift covered at least a week in advance. Do not wait until the night before. Also if you hire someone you must know them unless they are on the ballpark list of workers. Do not hire “joe blow” off facebook or the internet, yes we have had it happen. You are ultimately responsible for who you hire if there is a problem.

Concession Worker List

Brittanie McLemore 712-2756 Over 18
Kayla McKillon 712-8763 Under 18
Destiny Clecker 503-2550 Under 18
Logan Wise 530-4028 Under 18
Grant Saul 377-1807 Under 18
Jessica Conti 516-0175 Under 18
Siobaun English 417-3636 Over 18
Gracie Willis 530-2560 Under 18
Kellis Willis 232-9644 Over 18
Dillon Conti 516-1795 Over 18
Bailey Siebert 449-4471 Under 18
Lynn Siebert 261-1188 Over 18
Kendall Enfinger

Summer Lavalle

Linda Brown

Lory Mendoza

Didi Mendoza

Cole Caldwell

Morgan Lathan






Under 18

Over 18

Over 18

Over 18

Over 18

Under 18

Over 18


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